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I’m in love.

I love football.  I don’t love the Vikings, but I’m deeply enamored of their punter Chris Kluwe and his blog, Out of Bounds.  He has been outspoken in defense of same-sex marriage, and his latest post, “Dear Mr. Balling”, is … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday, which brings one of the highlights of my week. Every Saturday morning, whichever members of the household are in town head down to the neighborhood Starbucks. We get breakfast and coffee and just chat.  This morning, that was … Continue reading

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A couple of my lists…

Most annoying major characters in fiction: Holden Caulfield, Catcher in the Rye Cathy & Heathcliff, Wuthering Heights Marianne Dashwood, Sense and Sensibility Romeo & Juliet, Romeo & Juliet Valentine Michael Smith, Stranger in a Strange Land Chance the Gardener, Being … Continue reading

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"Sensibility" and me.

I love Pride and Prejudice.  It is one of my favorite books, and I reread it often.  I do not have the same depth of emotion about Sense and Sensibility, however:  in fact until two days ago I had never … Continue reading

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Over at Lawyers, Guns and Money, Scott Lemiuex (“There are Many Life and Death Issues”, “All American Presidential Elections are Choices Between Evils”), Paul Campos (“Purity of Essence”), Erik Loomis (“Nobody is Sweeping Dead Muslims Under the Rug”), and djw … Continue reading

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But Pachelbel’s Canon gets so booooring…

I was sitting at lunch today with a group of people when my phone went off.  My ringtone set off howls of laughter. The melodious interlude that so amused my cohorts was… “The Super Chicken Theme Song.“ I used to … Continue reading

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That’s what I get for signing him up for that philosophy class at the community college last summer.

According to The Red-Headed Menace, “hipsterism is the bastard child of transcendentalism and existentialism.”* *He made sort of a cogent argument for this position, but I was too bemused by the fact that he was trying to determine the philosophical … Continue reading

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On hearing a segment on NPR about child-raising, and a child who kept asking “why?”, The Red-Headed Menace casually stated “that was me for about four years.” “Oh, no,” I replied.  “That has been you for 16 years.” “No — … Continue reading

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Bits of Italy.

I just returned from ten days in Italy.  Ten days was far too short: my stay there had to be fitted around someone else’s work obligations and as a result there was too little time to spend on a country … Continue reading

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Closing in.

Many people have “bucket lists” with numerous items on them.  Go skydiving, visit every state in the Union, run with the bulls at Pamplona, that sort of thing. I have one item on my list.  One, that’s it. I want … Continue reading

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A tale of a city.

Venice is magic.  It is seductive, charming, decadent, fun. The Piazza San Marcos glows in the late afternoon sunlight, relatively sparsely populated now that the basilica is closed and all the tour groups with the legions of Americans, Brits, Germans, … Continue reading

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Lest anyone think that I am steadfastly ignoring both the commenter on the post before last and the Democratic National Convention, I am not.  I am on a trip and wireless has proven spotty and energy finite. Besides, who could … Continue reading

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