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I hate when people do this.

Sigh.  Repeating a claim over and over does not make it true. Obama did not waive the work requirement for welfare. Edited to add:  And then there is the new anti-Obama movie, 2016: Obama’s America.  It grossed $6.2 million last weekend. … Continue reading

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It is the first day of that days-long infomercial (but with less real content) that is the Republican National Convention.  I have acquainted myself with enough of their platform to shake in my boots for my country — especially its … Continue reading

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Today’s term of the day…

… from Matthew O’Brien of The Atlantic, quoting from David Roberts at Grist:  we are living in a “post-fact world.” Yes, exactly.  And I am a naif who happens to be very, very bothered by that.  It’s not that there … Continue reading

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The combination of my sons playing in the other room, and my occasional reviewing of the iconic 1996 version of Pride and Predjudice has given me an idea: Jane Austen D & D.  “Roll 18, receive offer of marriage from … Continue reading

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I said the other day that I was not posting political commentary at the moment.  I have felt the need to articulate why, even to myself, until today I ran across this item by Erin Gloria Ryan over at Jezebel: … Continue reading

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Schadenfreude postponed

Under normal circumstances,  I might be snickering about the possibility of Tropical Storm (expected to strengthen into Hurricane) Isaac hitting Tampa the first day of the Republican Convention.  So, fundamentalists, what would God be punishing the GOP for? Failing to … Continue reading

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Tad cranky, are we?

One case where a judge speaking her mind is really amusing: “Judge says Apple is ‘smoking crack’ after seeing rebuttal witness list.” Given the circumstances mentioned in the article, it might not have been such an unwarranted question. For the … Continue reading

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