DInnertime Conversation.

Discussion at dinnertime:

Periods of classical music.


The 1812 Overture.

The War of 1812 — both Napoleonic and American theatres.

Napoleon’s attempt to capture Moscow.

Hitler’s attempt to capture Moscow.

The Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact, and how Hitler was stupid for opening  a second front.

Technologies and transportation during W.W.II, including why diesel would have been much better than steam, but was not possible due to the need for petroleum to be used elsewhere, armaments transported by rail, the specifics of British rail during the war, with a small detour to discuss the Maginot line and the taxicabs of the Marne in W.W.I.

The difficulties Hitler would have faced in invading America.

How one would geographically structure an invasion, and logistical difficulties, with a brief detour into a debate about whether New York or Texas would be more of a problem for invaders. (Including quotes from Casablanca.)

The participants: an aerospace engineer with an interest in history; a former lawyer who has a B.A. in History, specializing in 20th Century European History; a teenaged railroad savant; and a student currently taking AP Modern European History.

This actually is not that unusual a conversation for us, although it is often subjects other than history. (Politics is a big topic, so are various scientific issues.)

I love my family.

What do you talk about over dinner?

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