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What is so very very wrong with this picture?

Chris Brown performed at the Grammys tonight.  The local newscast reported that it was the first time he had been at the Grammys since he dropped out of the 2009 show. Funny.  They did not mention why he had dropped … Continue reading

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Pretty and beautiful.

Taylor Swift is pretty.  Very pretty.  Very pretty in a traditional Hollywood way.  And she sings very well.  She is fresh, and pretty, and her music — the admittedly small amount I’ve heard of it — is full of energy. … Continue reading

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Hey, want to impress your loved ones — or your loved one’s coworkers — this Valentine’s Day? Don’t buy chocolate truffles, make them.  This Martha Stewart recipe is a good starting point.*  (There are more difficult recipes out there — … Continue reading

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At some point, did they stop teaching civics in schools?

So, Rick Santorum wants to overturn any decision the Supreme Court makes declaring bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Mr. Santorum, you can’t do that.  The Supreme Court gets to decide what’s constitutional, you do not.  Now, you can drag your … Continue reading

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