Religious question du jour…

I know that at least two members of the clergy read this blog occasionally. And others who have Altar Guild experience. So maybe you people can help me out.

What is the proper method of disposal for candles that have been used in Advent wreaths? After all, they’ve been blessed and prayed over. But they still have a lot of wax left, so to speak (especially this year, when the last candle will burn for one evening’s meal), and you are going to get fresh candles next year.

Is it okay to put them in the junk drawer to have on hand in case of power outages? What about making firestarters out of them?

How about using them for candlelight dinners of tapas (garlic prawns, chorizo-stuffed dates, bruschetta with tomato and Serrano ham) and rioja? Does it make any difference if the menu is Cornish game hen with cornbread and red pepper stuffing and honey-glazed carrots, along with a nice gewerztraminer?

Enquiring minds need to know.

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2 Responses to Religious question du jour…

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  2. Cristopher says:

    Hey there. I’m catching up on my blog reading.

    No, sorry, you must not use blessed candles at the dinner table. Unless, of course, you are serving roast lamb, bitter herbs (brussels sprouts will suffice), and unleavened bread. You shall eat with your staff in your hand, and your sandals on your feet.

    Alternatively, they may be burned while you and the four little boys who live with you process through the house chanting. in Latin.

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