Odds ‘n’ ends.

No, I don’t want to discuss the NLCS. Go Tigers.

I now have 32 complete soundtracks: in addition to the original Broadway production of Follies, I now have South Pacific in Concert, with Reba McEntire, Alec Baldwin and *swoon* Brian Stokes Mitchell.

For all of its manifest shortcomings (mediocre selection, abysmal organization), the iTunes music store beats hard CDs hands down for one reason: no packaging. My fingernails are so much happier when they don’t have to try and scrape those stupid plastic labels off the cases just to open them.

When I was in fourth grade, my mother came home from parent-teacher comferences ready to kill me because I was doing very poorly in reading. This was in spite of the fact that I read at an eighth grade level and had read through the class reader the first week of school. I just never did the book reports or turned in any of my homework. Karma’s a bitch: I had a parent-teacher conference very much like that last week — on the other side.

The middle child has taken up wrestling, which is good. He is threatening to use his wrestling moves on his younger brother, which is not so good. His younger brother taunts him, seemingly believing that he (younger brother) won’t get in trouble whatever happens. This is very bad — also incorrect. I am trying to teach nonviolence, but on the other hand, if little brother got smacked occasionally, he might think twice before trying to instigate trouble.

The new dark peppermint chocolate ice cream at Coldstone Creamery is trés yummy.

At dinner tonight, my husband and I decided that the Germans have the best stews, the Dutch do the best breakfasts, the French the best desserts, but without a doubt the Spanish have the best bar food. We said this while finishing off our second small dish of “datiles diabolados” (deviled dates: dates stuffed with chorizo and wrapped in bacon and broiled). This followed the scallop fritters, and the garlic sausage toast, and the flamenquin (pork roll with cheese, breaded). (We skipped our usual patatas bravas and gambas alla plancha.) Oh, and the little bitty cheese scones. Now, if we could only find a tapas place that served brie broiled with raspberries, like that one pub off the Plaza Major in Madrid, and a place that did proper churros con chocolat, we’d be all set.

I have decided not to do NaNoWriMo proper, but I am working on other projects and decided that the NaNoWriM0 framework (set impossibly high goals with specific limits) would be useful. I did do NaNoWriMo three years ago, and managed to finish my very bad novel; proving if nothing else that I could type 53,000 words in a month. Besides, all the cool kids do NaNoWriMo, and I like hanging out with them.

Just 16 days until election day, Pat Tillman’s birthday.

In California, Kansas and South Dakota, Monday is the last day to register to vote. There are sixteen states which have not yet completely closed registration as of Sunday, October 22. (Some of them have closed mail registration.)

And… just seventeen days until “no more annoying misleading television ads” day.

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2 Responses to Odds ‘n’ ends.

  1. Granny says:

    I have to get busy and fill out my ballot. Did you know it takes two stamps to mail?

    We’re dropping ours off.

  2. Pat Greene says:

    2 stamps? How annoying. I guess because they’re oversized. I’m not going to vote absentee because I like saying hi to the little old guys who always run our pollsd. : )

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