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This morning, in several different places, I have been faced with people who have scorned the grief I and others have felt over yesterday’s Military Commissions vote. America has never lived up to “ideals,” they say — usually followed a … Continue reading

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My husband left this morning for Spain. First stop, Madrid. I wish I were going with him. Things are good, for the most part, in my world. I have a roof over my head. I have food to eat, clothes … Continue reading

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No retreat, baby…

I post other people’s words, sometimes, but I don’t post song lyrics. Today, though, these words resonate with me: Well, we bursted out of classHad to get away from those foolsWe learned more from a 3-minute record, babyThan we ever … Continue reading

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You have seen pictures of this painting, or maybe the real thing, the formal name of which is The Company of Captain Frans Cocq. It was a group portrait by Rembrandt of one of the militia companies responsible for Amsterdam’s … Continue reading

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I am torn. I don’t know which way to turn, what to blog about. I am resolving the dilemma by giving myself permission to not blog about the thing foremost on my mind — the Military Commissions Bill, more colloquially … Continue reading

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Have you registered?

I think this fall’s election is going to be crucial to the future of our Republic. I think we’re in a constitutional crisis, and I think we need to take action. And the first, most important action is to vote, … Continue reading

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Ahoy there, matey!

This here be September 19, also known round these parts as “Talk Like A Pirate Day.” We be lucky enough to know the Pirate Guys WebWench, Pat Kight, online, and to have actually met her; and a beauty she be, … Continue reading

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Sometimes, if you procrastinate, things get done without you. Or you decide that since other people have already done them better than you why reinvent the wheel? I have been trying to find a way to write about torture, and … Continue reading

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I have not written here about 9/11. My experiences were pretty much the same as many others across the country who did not have loved ones in harm’s way. Unlike Katrina, where I had definite emotional ties to the places … Continue reading

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Twenty Statements. Plus One.

Over at Of Course, I Could Be Wrong, MadPriest has been letting slip a little more information about himself. I thought I would do likewise.* Things you should know about me: I like okra. Even boiled. I think the Rolling … Continue reading

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Strike up the band!

To every thing there is a season,and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Eccl. 3:1 Spring, fighting off winter’s rain and chills, brings baseball season. Fall, basking in the loveliest weather of the year, brings marching band season. … Continue reading

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The only thing we have to fear.

There is no escaping the fact. We have become a nation of fearful men and women. A year ago, armed deputies stood on the bridge to Gretna, Louisiana, and fired shots over scared, shivering refugees seeking food and shelter from … Continue reading

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New looks for fall! A more serious color scheme for a more serious time. I am going back to using a dark background, but blue instead of black, and with light grey font, and with all the font changed to … Continue reading

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