I am torn. I don’t know which way to turn, what to blog about.

I am resolving the dilemma by giving myself permission to not blog about the thing foremost on my mind — the Military Commissions Bill, more colloquially known as the Detainee and Torture Bill. I have done what I can in regard to that bastard piece of legislation — I have written my senators begging them to do whatever they could to stop it. I have even written Barack Obama, urging him to exert some of that moral leadership he is so renowned for.

And really, what can I say? I have previously said what I believe about torture. My feelings about the destruction of habeas corpus that this bill promises run just as deep. Others out there in the blogosphere — Digby is a good place to start — provide more than enough words to make up for any lack of mine.

Because I have no words. I face what my nation has become, what we are doing, and I have only tears.

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