New looks for fall! A more serious color scheme for a more serious time.

I am going back to using a dark background, but blue instead of black, and with light grey font, and with all the font changed to Georgia from Trebuchet. The new Beta-Blogger template editor makes things like updating the look of your blog easy, but it still wasn’t enough: I still ended up mucking around in the HTML code to get rid of annoying bits of the template I didn’t like. (Which is one significant advantage Blogger has over Live Journal: in Blogger you only have to know a little HTML — or be able to figure out what you want to do — whereas in LJ you have to either work in their style system which is a pain or you have to know quite a bit of HTML to make real changes.)

It looks rather nautical to me. It remains to be seen how long before it induces eye strain (the reason I changed it in the first place) and change it again.

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