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Dear Sirs,

Peter Ligeti (Letters, August 21) says: “I wonder how federal Judge Anna Diggs Taylor and all members of the ACLU will feel when the next major terrorist act hits the United States. Judge Taylor obviously has not learned from the very recent British example….”

Mr. Ligeti has failed to learn that law enforcement can conduct a successful covert operation without trampling on people’s rights. No one, including Judge Taylor, has ever insisted the Administration not be allowed to conduct wiretaps, only that they follow the law and the Constitution and get warrants before doing so. The British were able to uncover a terrorist plot through standard police work, including obtaining all the necessary warrants; does Mr. Ligeti feel that American law enforcement isn’t capable of doing likewise?


[Note: My original letter was much more eloquent and barbed — and twice the submission limit. Oh, well.]


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