I have a series of posts on capital punishment in draft form.
I have a post on why I love the music of Stephen Sondheim that I am about half through with.
I have a review of a local production of Rent written in my mind.

It all has to wait.

I have made a bet.

I bet my younger two children that they could not go an entire week without television, Game Boys, video games, or computers. For my part, I have to foreswear… the Internet. I am allowed to read email and use Word and Excel, but my web browsers have to remain firmly shut.


I’ll see you in a week. If I live that long without blogs, that is.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow – good luck, to all of you.Should I take the younger two someplace other than a movie on Tuesday, then – minigolf, say?— Geri, gdw at numenor dot org

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