Leiberman concedes in Connecticut

Thus continues the long, long slog to regain the soul of the Democratic Party.

Damn, this feels good.

One thing has confused me about all this — over the years when the left has bitched and moaned about the influence wielded by the religious right, we’ve been told that it’s because they organize and vote. They use direct mail, they energize their base. This is democracy, I’ve been told.


How come now that we on the left are doing what they on the right did starting fifteen years ago, except that we use blogs instead of direct mail and church rallies, we are “blogofascists” leading an “inquisition” who are threatening the very existence of the party?

Give me a break. You want to know who’s threatening the existence of the party? People like Leiberman, and all the Senators who decided to campaign for him — even though he spent a great deal of time badmouthing Democrats and acting in general as a Republican lapdog. A man so committed to the democratic process and so respectful of the Democratic voters of Connecticut, that a while ago he announced he would run as an independent if he lost the primary.

And before you say “bipartisanship,” why, that’s been dead a long time and it sure as hell was not the Democrats who killed it.

Of course, all of what I have just written has been posted ad infinitum for the past however many months at just about any big lefty American political blog you can name. I’m just so giddy I don’t care if what I’m saying has been said before.

This is just the start. Those of us on the left have got a lot of work cut out for us.

Let’s roll up those shirtsleeves.


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