This makes my blood run cold.


How dare they. How dare they.

The House of Representatives passed an immigration bill which, among its provisions, would require churches — churches!!! — to check the immigration status of parishioners or others before they offer them aid.

How dare they try and turn the house of the Lord into Caesar’s gatekeeper. How dare they presume to place requirements on who the people of God can help.

Oh, and the best part came in a quote I heard in the news report from Channel 11 from the head of an anti-immigrant group, which ran something like “Judeo-Christian faith of course places a high value on charity… but [and this part I remember clearly] there are limits.

The Son of God came to earth, was born of a woman, suffered torture, died on a cross and this…this…this excuse of a man says there are limits?

NO. There are no limits but what we, in our cramped and ugly and grasping little hearts, place to keep other people from having things we think we should have all to ourselves.

Bastards. You shall not use God’s house to exclude, to limit, to harass.

God is bigger than that. God’s people are better than that.


Write your Senators. Let them know this just is not acceptable. Maybe it will get killed in the Senate version.

Talk to all the people of faith, any faith, that you know — let them know about it, and ask them to write their Senator, as well.


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