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Reality check time.

Let’s recap, shall we? Through Friday, the U.S. had won 23 medals, eight of them gold. That exceeds the number won at any Olympics other than Salt Lake (where we had a surreal 34) by ten. Even subtracting the events … Continue reading

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  I love the Winter Olympics. I love the outfits the ice dancers wear. I love the goofy grins and youthful enthusiasm of the halfpipe snowboarders. (I really hope Shaun White gets to date Sasha Cohen — who could resist … Continue reading

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In vino veritas…

  Last night, my husband and I went out to a sports bar, looking to get out of the house and maybe watch some of the Olympics away from the kids. Trying to watch ice dancing when you can’t hear … Continue reading

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A letter to the Mercury News

  Dear Sirs: In his letter of Sunday, February, 19, 2006, Scott Abramson upbraids the media for showing the latest round of photos from Abu Ghurayb, claiming that they will likely inflame more hatred towards American troops. Whose sensibilities is … Continue reading

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Purple is such a lovely color.

In my wedding post, I spoke about my family’s politics. That was way too flip of me — I used a shorthand which obscured a range of opinions about many things. (I also forgot and left out my younger brother, … Continue reading

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  I am using this blog to write, not as a place to link to other people’s writings — I don’t have a large enough audience to make that worthwhile to anyone. However, in this case, I’ll make an exception. … Continue reading

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Love and marriage…

I spent the last weekend at a niece’s wedding. This particular niece reminds me of Bubbles, the Powerpuff Girl: blonde hair, blue-eyed, pretty, and with superpowers — she has a mind like a steel trap, one bachelors’ in math, another … Continue reading

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‘Night, Sister.

On Saturday, Betty Friedan died. She was 85. It is hard to overestimate the impact she had on the nation’s psyche. She destroyed some of the myths we held about who we were: all to the good, as those myths … Continue reading

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Yeah, what THEY said….

Orson Scott Card posted a defense of teaching Creationism in the schools. I would have liked to pointed out all the holes in his argument, but then Pharyngula did such a lovely job of it, better than I could have. … Continue reading

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To inspire and guide….

On Devon Island, in the Canadian Arctic, there are seven inukshuks. An inukshuk is an Inuit “stone man” — it serves to comfort people on dangerous journeys and mark pathways. The inukshuks are a little smaller than life-size, and are … Continue reading

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Maybe I need more windmills…

Samuel Alito is now on the Supreme Court. The Administration continues to defend its domestic spying program. There is Plamegate and the Ambrahamoff scandal and war and discord and fear. And this weekend my nine-year-old and I completed a massive … Continue reading

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