Things you don’t ask.

I have family who are Republicans. Some things I just don’t ask them.

Like: Marjorie Taylor Greene is your representative. Did you vote for her?

Marjorie Taylor Greene is the QAnon Representative from Georgia who in 2018 tweeted approval of the execution of Democrats. She liked a tweet calling for Nancy Pelosi to be shot. Her constituents knew her views at the time they elected her, views she has never repudiated or publicly regretted.

I haven’t asked the Republicans in my life what they think of Greene because I am frankly afraid to. I have worked hard to stay on speaking – even friendly – terms with people who hold different opinions than I do, but I can’t overlook someone approving of Greene’s beliefs. Such approval would be a bridge too far for me.

I find it horrible enough that Republicans in Congress refuse to repudiate her. I can chalk their seeming deference to her up to simple cowardice, to needing to appease their base for political purposes. My relatives have no such excuse: they don’t have voters to placate. Knowing that they don’t disapprove of Greene – or worse, agree with her – would destroy whatever respect I had for them on both moral and intellectual levels.

I also don’t ask my Republican relatives if they think the election was stolen. I will not because I do not want to have to hold my temper while explaining the total lack of evidence for what they believe. I might be able to keep my cool while discussing support for Greene; I could not while struggling to explain why what they think about the elections in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia are just flat wrong.

I am sure there are questions they won’t ask me, such as: do you support Black Lives Matter? Or approve of the Democratic bills that would protect voting rights? Or think the stimulus package is a good idea?

We love each other. Maybe that’s because we don’t know everything. That’s a shame: we should be charitable towards each other regardless of our beliefs. I suspect that would be as impossible for them in some cases as it would be for me in others.

So, sadly, we just don’t ask.

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