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Things you don’t ask.

I have family who are Republicans. Some things I just don’t ask them. Like: Marjorie Taylor Greene is your representative. Did you vote for her? Marjorie Taylor Greene is the QAnon Representative from Georgia who in 2018 tweeted approval of … Continue reading

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Thirty-five years ago today.

One of the earliest posts I wrote in this blog, in January, 2006, was on the Challenger disaster. It still encapsulates my thoughts about the tragedy.

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I was reminded recently of the origin of the word “gaslighting.” For those of you who have not had liberal friends try to explain Donald Trump to you, “gaslighting” is repeatedly lying to someone while acting as though the hearer is losing her … Continue reading

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Days of infamy.

December 7th, 1941. November 22, 1963. September 11, 2001. January 6, 2021. These days raise questions: Where were you when you heard about Pearl Harbor? What were you doing when you heard Kennedy had been shot? Who told you about … Continue reading

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Oh my God.

The Russians have won. We have turned into a banana republic.

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