Good things.

The sky is blue — the color of the statice in Fourth of July flower arrangements.

It’s 65F outside, the perfect temperature.

I have homemade empanadas for lunch.

I have Fevertree Ginger Beer in the garage.

I have a functioning car.

I have mini-carnations of a riot of color before me on my table.

I have a cat curled up on the sofa that likes to watch dog shows with me.

I have The Story of Film and Ken Burns’ Country Music and Casablanca and Citizen Kane and Woodstock (the director’s cut) all at my disposal.

I have Trivia on Monday nights.

And so on.

Sometimes I think the only way to survive all of this is to occasionally look around. Yes, we feel like our country is on a precipice. Yes, it hasn’t rained enough this winter in California. Yes, I’m not working, for reasons mostly beyond my control, and I am worried about the effect that has on both my finances and my psyche.

But there is art. There is music. There is friendship.

There is love.

We’re going to get through all of this; we have to believe that. And in the meantime, we have to occasionally be aware of the good.

What’s good in your life?

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2 Responses to Good things.

  1. Azucena Sandoval says:

    We celebrated Marcelo’s birthday last night, I made fettuccine Alfredo with chicken and Tres Leches Brioche Pudding. Last night also marks 36 years of being in the US, I have less mixed feelings now I have a family here and Nicaragua is still in my heart.
    Making Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Orzo tomatoes mozzarella for tonight.
    I have a clean kitchen so life is good

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