I have a new phone. In keeping with the naming convention for all my electronics, she is named after an artist.

Rosa Bonheur.

Remember last post when I talked about historic figures that deserve a movie? Rosa Bonheur  definitely falls into that category. An out lesbian (or what passed for one in the 19th century), she produced work to rival any male painter of the era. (The Horse Fair is one of my favorite works of art.)

Given that my past phone was named Artemisia, after Gentilleschi, continuing the trend with Rosa seems only right.

So, here are my babies:


  • Jan (Vermeer)
  • Georgia (O’Keefe)
  • Dorothea (Lange) (current)


  • Artemisia (Gentilleschi)
  • Rosa (Bonheur) (current)

External drives:

  • Francisco (Goya)
  • Henri (Toulouse-Latrec)
  • Chuck (Close) (current)

I have a 32G flash drive that has more memory than my last phone did; I should probably name it.

The rules for naming are:

  • Has to be a visual artist
  • That I like
  • And can’t be the name of anyone I know.

Those all mean:

  1. Counts out Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  2. No Picasso! Or Koons.
  3. No Whistler, Singer Sargent, Chagall, Hockney, Cameron, Cassatt….

I still have a lot of options: Edward (Hopper), Gerhard (Richter), Claude (Monet) , Eduard (Manet), Edvard (Munch), Pierre (Renoir), Georges (Seurat or De la Tour), Frida (Kahlo), Grant (Wood), Winslow (Homer), Jacob (Lawrence)… I suppose I could name one Domenikos (Theotocopolous, the actual name of El Greco) but that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. Those are all painters — I suppose I could name one Daniel (Chester French), or better yet Constantin (Brancusi). As I said, a lot of options.

I am not going to name anything Vincent, as much as I love Van Gogh. Family and friends have told me that that would be courting trouble.  They may be right.

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