I know, I know.

This will probably be a boring post.

It seems that too many of my posts in the past eighteen months are of the “random bits” variety, but I am having serious trouble adapting to the Trump presidency. I will not question his legitimacy (although given Russian interference that might well be warranted) but I do question his integrity, his honor, and his simple humanity. I do not call him a madman — I do not really see him as pathological, and doing so reinforces the stigma against the mentally ill — but, sadly, I do not hesitate to call him evil. And that is a word I rarely use about anyone.

Then there is the straw ban. Having just gotten into an … not an argument but an increasingly heated discussion with a friend before we broke it off, I don’t want to re-open that can of worms. He referred to the turtle video, and how do you counter that? He said I should simply buy the plastic disposal straws on Amazon, which to me defeats the purpose of the ban.   Perhaps there should be a video of someone struggling to drink without a straw. I might well be willing to do one myself.

The whole issue goes beyond straws, of course. It is representative of the continuing marginalization of the disabled in American society. I am not in a wheelchair, but I am acutely aware every time I go into a building without a ramp. And the law was recently changed so that building owners have six months once someone threatens to sue to fix their buildings. What incentive do they have to change?


On a more cheerful note, on the past four times I went to Trivia, I won twice. As in, came in first. As in, great, now I have two more certificates for large pitchers of beer that I won’t use. Although on a couple of occasions my offspring and I have gone and had a pitcher and talked, which was quite enjoyable. Any opportunity to spend time with my grown-up kids is time well spent.

I didn’t win the game tonight, but I did win the Sex round. Heh.

Comic-Con — yet another event I will never go to. Although I do have a better chance of going there than to the Tonys, Oscars, or Met Gala.

I finally saw the Christmas special that featured Peter Capaldi’s regeneration into the Thirteenth (or is it Fourteenth? Where does John Hurt’s marvelous War Doctor fit in?) Doctor. I’m in love. Brilliant.

I also re-viewed the “Hell Bent,” the Best. Doctor Who. Episode. Ever. Even better than “Blink,” and I used to think “Blink” head and shoulders above all other Who episodes.

Doctor Who. Star Wars. MCU. Battlebots. (Battlebots?!?) I really am a geek, albeit one who came to geekhood late in life.

I love Battlebots because a) it is arguably a sport, b) it involves serious violence, and c) there is no possibility of living beings being injured. That last puts it above football, basketball, and even horse-racing. (I love dog shows for similar reasons, except I am not sure dog shows are “sports,” the AKC notwithstanding.)

Speaking of football, I am no longer going to watch professional football. This is hard for a life-long football fan. I was close to stopping before because the concussion issue, but it was the kneeling ban that pushed me over the edge. I fully recognized that I have that backwards.

Losing pro football feels like I am losing a connection to my father. He died in 1996, but watching football was always something we had in common. Not to mention my two sisters, who are also football fans, and who are probably wholeheartedly in favor of the kneeling ban.

Currently, I find my television viewing switching between Turner Classic Movies, The Science Channel, and (at least until the end of the racing season) “Saratoga Live” on FS1,  with occasional detours into the Cooking Channel, the Game Show Network, and, when I can cope with the news, msnbc. However, in the fall, I have to add BBCAmerica to that mix.

I love TCM so much I joined their fan club. They sent me a really cool black t-shirt. Win.

I wrote my first fan letter to a radio show. If you like wordplay, and are not listening to “Says You!”, you are missing something. I love puns, so it really works for me.  They sent me back a lovely reply, not a form “thank you for contacting us” email.

Sadly, I do have an obsession that takes up far too much of my time: Word Wipe, a game on the Washington Post website. “I recognize I am powerless…”

Now it’s time to go catch up on all the back Jeopardy! episodes I have on DVR.

See you later.


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