Just a thought. You might want to pass it along to the Trumpsters in the family.

The Republicans control the White House.

The Republicans control the Senate.

The Republicans control the House of Representatives.

The Republicans talk about their base; the Democrats have a base, too — one that might reluctantly accept a wall but refuse to throw the Dreamers under the bus.

The Democrats are willing to work with Republicans (see: the deal Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin presented to the president, who scuttled it), but they are not going to throw away their ideals.

But the Republicans, unable to get their party united, try to strong-arm Democrats into accepting the unacceptable, and act aggrieved when that tactic doesn’t work. The Democrats have developed a spine.

Then Republicans, like petulant children who have been told “no,” stamp their feet and blame the opposition.

The “let’s blame the Democrats, even though we control the government” game will work because there are far too many people who are too fucking stupid to recognize they are being played.

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