Damn, I’m good.

Last night, I went to my usual Monday night trivia game at the dive bar near my house. I was a team of one; there were seven teams of three to six, and one team of two (that finished dead last).

I won by six points. I beat out eight other teams with theoretically more mental firepower than me. Go me.

Of course, it helped a lot that I almost ran the photo category (it was about movies), that I knew that Vinson Massif was the highest mountain in Antarctica, and most of all that Herculaneum was the other city (than Pompeii) destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius. That last was the Betting Bonus question: only three teams got it, and one of them only bet four points.

I was also helped by the best team not showing up last night. Still, not too shabby for a team of one.

Of course, now I have a certificate for a large pitcher of beer, to go with the certificate for a small pitcher of beer that I got for placing third a couple of weeks ago.

See? That hellishly expensive liberal arts education really has paid off.

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