What do words mean? I’m not sure I know anymore.

Paul Ryan stated on Meet the Press (12/13/2015) that President Obama was a “polarizing President.” Polarizing? The man who threw away the advantage of having a Democratic Congress to work with Republicans who made it their agenda to block everything that he had anything to do with? Polarizing? When the Senate has held up one Presidential nomination after another, even when they admit that the candidate is well qualified for the position, even when leaving positions open actively hurts the country?

Obama is not the polarizing one. At least not until the second half of his second term, when he generally seems not to care what the Republicans think. He seems to have finally understood that they view bipartisanship as meaning “give us what we want, and we’ll pretend you wanted it too.”

Coat your poisoned words with honey.

Sometimes I feel as though we have fallen into an issue of Mad magazine, one devoid of humor. Everything and everybody is fair game — at least until they fight back. Truth is malleable: turn it inside out, twist it into a Moebius strip. Hold fast when confronted with your lies: violent Planned Parenthood videos that never existed, imaginary cheering throngs in Patterson, New Jersey on 9/11, statements by ISIS that they were using videos of  Donald Trump as recruiting tools. Never give an inch. Double down.

I think I know how we got here, but how do we get back?

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