I can hardly wait. That was sarcasm, folks.

The Republican candidates for president take the stage in Las Vegas this evening to tell all the world how horrible they are. Okay, so some of them seem merely bad, such as Jeb Bush. One or two I would find almost acceptable, such as George Pataki. But the front-runners…

They lie. They slander. They call upon the worst impulses of American society. Before this is all said and done, real people may get physically hurt as a result of their horrible rhetoric.

If the rest of the world disliked us when George W. Bush was president, how do you think they would feel about us with President Trump? Or President Cruz?

As much as I know as a citizen and a student of politics I should watch, I think I’ll pass.  I already know enough about all of them to know I don’t want any of them as President, and unless a miracle occurs, nothing they say tonight will change that. And, as little as I trust the mainstream press, I am sure that were that miracle to happen, it would be front-page news.

I’ll just watch the finale of The Voice, instead. I hear that Jordan Smith guy is pretty good.

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