We’ll see how this goes.

I have decided to rewrite my NaNoWriMo project. (If nothing else, this gives me a plausible reason to hang out in Starbucks, like I did during November.) I think the scenario I have laid out raises some interesting questions* that I think I will enjoy exploring. I have already talked to a couple of friends who can give me expert advice on specific elements of the work-in-progress, including telling me if my plot is even possible.

Next steps:

  1. Rewrite the backstories of the main characters. Right now they are cardboard cutouts of people, something from the lesser class of romance novels.** I hope to make them a lot more realistic, both in their stories and in their personalities.
  2. Rework the timeline so it makes sense. This might well mean reviewing civil procedure. Oh, boy. Still, one does what one must.
  3. Relax. I write better when I am not stressed out.
  4. Perhaps most importantly, develop a timeline for myself so that I have specific goals with specific deadlines.

I am telling all of you this so that hopefully I will actually do it. I assume that the prospect of having to shamefacedly admit that I never got around to doing the work, when I have time right now while I am still job hunting,***  will spur me to accomplish my goals.

*Including the bar exam favorite: “In this situation, who do you sue?”

**I do not automatically equate romance novels with bad writing.

***Once I get a job, and I am seriously looking, things will probably change somewhat.

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