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No, you’re not a martyr to your faith.

People scream about the First Amendment a lot. Usually they claim that their right to free speech is being violated, just because they are boycotted or face demands that they be fired or criticized for making offensive statements on the … Continue reading

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Whiny, navel-gazing post of the month.

I have been re-reading a bunch of my posts. I think I have a “voice,” but I also think the voice tends to be over-serious, humorless, and somewhat presumptuous. I know there are political blogs out there, and personal blogs … Continue reading

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“Being Poor,” ten years on.

Ten years ago today, in the aftermath of Katrina, John Scalzi wrote one of the most deeply profound pieces on poverty in America I have ever read.  I made my kids read it when they got old enough I thought … Continue reading

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