Fifty things…

It’s been a while since I did one of these things. I am thankful for:

1. Starbucks Venti Decaf No Whip Mocha made with Coconut Milk and Sugar-Free Hazelnut Syrup.

2. That I have a couple of weeks free.

3. That after that, I have work for another couple of months.

4. The Voice, even if my favorite two contestants have been eliminated.

5. New music: “Down to the River to Pray,” by Deanna Johnson (from The Voice), “Budapest,” both the original George Ezra version and The Voice‘s Joshua Davis’s cover. Also “Toes,” by the Zac Brown Band, “‘Til Love Runs Out,” One Republic, and “Take Me to Church,” by Hozier. I realize these are not new to most of you guys…

6. My friend Joe Decker, who responded to “The Sodomite Suppression Act” proposed by an Orange County bigot, who explicitly refers to Leviticus in the initiative, by plunking down $200 and filing “The Shellfish Suppression Act,” likewise explicitly referencing Leviticus. (In addition to being an activist and all round great guy, Joe is a nature photographer. Check out his work. Buy his work. You’ll thank me later.) Joe once again demonstrates that one of the best weapons against bigotry is mockery. This also demonstrates the insanity that is the California ballot initiative process.

7. The insanity that is the California ballot initiative process, for hours of gallows humor. Also, for providing regular citizens an opportunity to participate in the legislative process. Yes, the process often gets hijacked by corporate and other interests, and sometimes awful things happen, like Prop 8, but there is also gold among the dross.

8. Representative democracy.

9. For having fewer demands on my metaphorical spoons, at least for a few days.

10. The Southern Poverty Law Center.  I just read their latest newsletter, and boy is it scary, but I find knowing that someone is keeping track of these horrible people reassuring.

11. Elizabeth Warren.

12. Bernie Sanders.

13. That the Not-So-Little Drummer boy seems to be happy and healthy in New York.

14. That Winter Quarter is over.

15. The Bosch dishwasher we installed in November which is quiet.

16. Elmore Leonard.

17. The dearly departed Sir Terry Pratchett.

18. Hymns, especially “Seek Ye First” and “Be Thou My Vision.”

19. Pine trees against a stark blue sky.

20. Smithsonian magazine (a Christmas present from my kids.)

21. Spain, where I am going again this year. In fact, just knowing that Spain exists makes me happy.

22. That the DBT skills group just started again.

23. Public transportation, so that at least one of the non-drivers in the household gets around without any help from me.

24. Swarovski crystals.

25. Eva Cassidy.

26. Facebook, even if I do spend way too much time there.

27. Rachel Maddow, who manages to be humorous when appropriate, and outraged when appropriate, and totally human all the time.

28. Connie Willis, who in addition to being hands down my favorite science fiction writer (and for a long time the only SF writer whose works I would read — I have a cat named for a cat in one of her books!), for being a thoughtful and principled human being as well. (Poor David Gerrold.)

29. John Scalzi and Whatever.

30. Mike the Mad Biologist, and Fred Clark’s Slacktivist, for giving me things to think about.

31. Scrivener, which I am hoping to learn, and even more hoping to write the book I want to write.  Blogging is all well and good, but I want to do something more substantive.

32. Good Chinese food.

33. Burgers, preferably with barbecue sauce, onion confit, horseradish cheddar, tomatoes, and bacon on a brioche bun.

34. For that matter, bacon.

35. My doctors. (Who would probably prefer that I not eat bacon, but oh well…)

36. That the anti-vax movement is now being exposed to sunlight, and people are starting to take notice. Of course, there are still idiots out there…

37. All the dedicated science bloggers (i.e., those with actual science expertise) and journalists who fight the good fight to bring scientific literacy to a suspicious public.

38. The Tampa Bay Times, the best newspaper in the country.

39. My computer, which, although elderly by computer standards (she’s from 2011, and I have completely worn off the “N” key, and badly worn the “E” and “H”), is my lifeline to the larger world.

40. Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

41. Neal Patrick Harris.

42. BBC America. (New Orphan Black! And they are going to have a third season of Ripper Street!)

43. Wolf Hall, both the television series and the books. (Hilary Mantel, please finish the third book in the trilogy. Please.)

44. That my birthday has come and gone. In spite of nice gifts (and Railman made me a cake!), I find birthdays kind of depressing. All of my Facebook friends writing birthday congratulations on my Wall made me happy, however.

45. My friends.

46. My coworkers, who are also friends.

47. My family.

48. The ocean.  Any ocean.  The idea of the ocean.

49. Blue, in all shades, even powder blue. But mostly cornflower.

50. That I have a home.  Far too many people in this world don’t.

That’s it, that my list of things I am grateful for right now.

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1 Response to Fifty things…

  1. Geri says:

    5. I love the song “Take me to Church” – have you seen this dance rendition to it?

    42. Orphan Black – I’ve seen one season so far…

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