Nice consolation prize, there.

As I suspected, I did not get the job at the Coolest Place Ever. Given the way the process was handled, I don’t feel like I was rejected, simply like I was not that good a fit.

However, as I also suspected, they liked me — so much so that they gave me a six-month free membership and a couple of classes. I will need to think about what classes I want to take. But in the meantime, I will certainly make use of their facility.

I have not been beading much lately. One contributing factor is that, as I — and my eyes — get older, I need more light to work, light I just don’t get in my house.

I would have loved to work there, but this is the next best thing.

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2 Responses to Nice consolation prize, there.

  1. Geri says:

    Wow! that is an awesome consolation prize 😀

  2. DataGoddess says:

    They may also want to keep track of you, in case something you’re better suited for comes along!

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