The perils of knowledge.

Being the wife of a geologist, and having been subjected to many lectures on vulcanism during vacations in the Northwest, makes it very difficult to suspend disbelief during the end of Return of the King.

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2 Responses to The perils of knowledge.

  1. irfon says:

    A friend of mine was a disaster researcher. We used to torment her with terrible disaster movies in which none of the procedures for dealing with disasters properly are followed. She was actually at one point brought in to consult on such a movie, but apparently they completely ignored all the advice given by her team anyway. (I know this probably has little relevance on The Lord of the Rings, since it’s based on prior work, but I figured you should know that others also feel your pain.)

    • madameverdi says:

      I myself enjoy watching the Rocket Scientist look at movies such as “Armaggedon,” so I understand what you used to do. (He did like “Apollo 13,” in large part because they got things right.)

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