The one broken election promise of the Obama Administration that has angered me the most is the (non)closing of Guantanamo.   And today, the Administration unveiled plans to restrict access of detainees* to their counsel.  Note, according to the story, “there are 168 detainees in the military prison there, most of whom are not facing prosecution for any crime.” [Emphasis mine.]

Color me infuriated.  I hate being lied to.  I would vote Republican if there was any chance at all that Romney would be better for the country than Obama would, rather than the disaster in the making he seems to be. And there is no chance whatsoever that Romney would be any more reasonable and just on the issue of Guantanamo — almost certainly  far less so.

*Why call them “detainees,” as though their situation was a transient one? They are prisoners, no more no less.  Maybe it’s so we can delude ourselves about the inherent injustice of what we have done to them.

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