An occasional list of things I am grateful for.

For light rail trains with free WiFi.
For pub trivia.
For Veronica, my favorite bartender/waitress.
That Railfan found a date to the prom, and that they had a very nice time..
That The Red-Headed Menace’s AP is over so he can stop stressing about it.
That the Not-So-Little Drummer Boy is home for the summer.
For silly movie trailers that make me laugh.
For good friends who point me towards them.
For lemons.
For ice-cold watermelon.
For watermelon-mint salad dressed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil with feta cheese on top.
For baseball season.
For the Tampa Bay Rays.
For knitting.
For the St. Petersburg Times and PolitiFact.
For sunny days, even if they are too long.
For Monty Python and the Spanish Inquisition (theirs, not the real one).
For Netflix.
For Cadfael.
For Ken Burns.
For Jane Austen.
For J.K. Rowling.
For the teachers who taught me to read.
For iced tea.
For the right to vote.
For Cee Lo Green’s “F*** You.”
For Tony Bennett’s Duets II.
For Stardust.

That President Obama actually admitted that same-sex marriage was a good thing.

For nurses.
For Mother’s Day flowers with pink lilies that are just blooming.
For chocolate.
For other people.
For Company.
For the color of pine trees against a clear blue sky.
For caffeine, my drug of choice.
For search engines, which allow me to access my real drug of choice,  information.
For New York City, even if I do not get there but once a decade.
For San Francisco, even if I only go up there a couple of times a year (far too infrequently).
For Paris, even if I never get there again.  The idea of Paris, even.
For the Musee d’Orsay and the exhibit from there currently at the Palace of Fine Arts.

And, because I have to include these every time:
For the ocean.
For the color blue.
For my family, who with all their quirks and insecurities still rock.
For light.
For art.
For love, with its myriad complications and delights.
For life.

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