More jewelry.

I like this set almost in spite of myself: it is composed completely of fakes. The pearls are Swarovski, and with the exception of the clasp, the silver is all plated. Even the hematite is not authentic: it is a substance called “Hemalyke” from Fire Mountain Gems.*

I  made the necklace a few years back as a throwaway for some event I was going to; I love the way the silver plated balls and bead caps have tarnished slightly, giving the piece a faintly antique look.  I  made the bracelet in early April, again for an event and to match the necklace; it is not as pretty as the necklace because the silver balls are still shiny and new.

I only wish I had a better picture of them.  When you have tremors, it is hard to keep the phone still enough to take a decent picture.  iPhoto just cannot help  you when the original is slightly out of focus.

Necklace detail.

*According to what I have read, most hematite on the market is fake, especially the cheap beads.  I still use it because I love the steel gray look.

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