What’s next? Chutes and Ladders? Twister?

During the Superbowl, NBC showed an ad for the upcoming Battleship movie.  This led to a discussion in my Facebook* about what board game might next be adapted for the screen.  I was proud of my suggestion of “Candyland,” deeming it too ridiculous for contemplation.

Guess what? Yep.  I couldn’t believe it either. Although if a studio is going to adapt such a stupid idea for a movie, it is only fitting that it star Adam Sandler.  It had to be either him or Rob Schieder.

Good Lord, people.  I was only joking.

Oh, and as even more proof that there are people in Hollywood with less imagination than your average mainframe, at one point Universal was going to make “Ouija.”  A friend of mine once suggested “Pong: The Movie,” and maybe that would be the natural next step — backwards.

These movies are product placement taken to their (il)logical extremes.** If that’s the case, I would much rather see a full-length movie starring the Coca-Cola polar bears.

*The best use of Facebook, by far, is to liveblog events that you are stuck watching by yourself.  (Nobody in my family likes watching football.)  Thanks to FB, I spent the entire Super Bowl chatting with friends in such disparate places as New Jersey, Sacramento, and San Jose.  It was a blast — and I intend to do the same thing for the Oscars.  I cordially invite any of my FB friends to join me!
**Actually, the Caveman series a few years ago, starring the Neanderthals from the GEICO commercials, ranks right up there.

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