Today is fired. And it’s not getting a recommendation, either.

So this morning, I had to deal with a son who, by virtue of waiting to take his meds until 6 pm yesterday was up until 3.  I did manage to finally get him out of bed for him to be only a couple of minutes late to school, with no breakfast.

I  myself did not have time to get breakfast.  And I discovered after I had put it on — and it was too late, as I was heading out the door — that the shirt I was wearing had a grease spot on it.  Just a small one, and barely noticeable among the leaves of the pattern, but still… things like that bug me. I usually catch them when they come out of the washer, and deal with them, but this slipped through the cracks.

The reason I was so rushed was that I had a meeting with a job counselor to go over my information and my references. The organization has two offices, one in Palo Alto and the other in San Jose, about twenty minutes apart if I drive like a madwoman, and thirty if I drive in a rational manner.  I got to the Palo Alto office five minutes early  (because job counselors are sticklers for punctuality, as well they should be), only to discover that I had written down the wrong office on my calendar. (Not completely stupid: the last time I had met with her had been at the Palo Alto office.) She was tied up in meetings the rest of the day and can’t see me until next Monday afternoon.

On the good side, she mentioned she has some leads that might be a good fit for me.  I also spent time downloading my recommendations from LinkedIn so that I could send them to her.  It gave me a chance to reread the glowing things my former supervisors said about me, and perhaps help ease my sense of stupidity and incompetence.

[Edited to add: Upon returning home, I noticed that the person responsible for putting the trash bins at the curb hadn’t, and the truck had already been by.  That means that I have to arrange a special pickup.  Grrrr.]

Oh, what the heck. It’s too late for lunch, but is anyone up for coffee this afternoon or evening? My day is thus far completely devoid of planned pleasant activities.

And boy, could I sure use one.

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