It has been a year.

This was … a year.  Not much else to say about it.  Although it had its less-than-stellar moments, the first quarter was mostly filled with excitement and hope; although not everything was horrible, the last was filled with illness and sadness.  (Interestingly enough, that was the opposite of the pattern of 2010.) Averaged out, it was a mediocre year.  I just wish it had not been so streaky, as one says in sports parlance.

I don’t think I have the energy or time this evening (I am going out for New Year’s in the first time in years — wearing The Corset) to write up the year that was. I may save that task for tomorrow.  Or not, as the case may be. I am certainly not going to write new resolutions: last year’s were really good, and I left so many of them unfulfilled, I am going to recycle them.

Goodbye, 2011.  Hello, 2012.  Here’s to you being the best of all possible years. Or at least better (and more consistent) than this one.

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