Alternative holiday decorations

Tonight the entire household – including a friend that the Not-So-Little Drummer boy brought home from college with him — did our annual tour of Christmas lights. We were heading down streets in the Willow Glen area of San Jose, looking for the twelve-foot tall reindeer,* when a discussion arose about why almost every house had a light-bedecked tree in their front yard, even in cases where it clearly did not match the rest of the landscaping.  The general consensus was that there must have been some neighborhood rule requiring Christmas decorations.

Well, what about non-Christians? We came up with some alternative suggestions for seasonal (or not) decorations:

A giant blow-up menorah.
An upside down pentacle done in dark blue lights.
“God is Dead” written in small LEDs.
A simple large question mark.

And my favorite:

Written in twinkle-lights, “The Neighborhood Association made me put this up.”

*The Willow Glen Reindeer even have their own Facebook page.

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