Tuna Jerky: Yuck. Tuna Jerky Souffle: Yum.

Elizabeth Falkner is a very nice woman who makes really kick-ass souffles.

I have just returned from spending the evening at Orson, her restaurant (which right now is only being used as an event space), where she was hosting a viewing of Episode 6 of The Next Iron Chef.  Given that she won the Chairman’s Challenge with (*gulp*) tuna jerky souffle, the food served this evening was, natch, souffles.

She started by passing around pieces of the actual tuna jerky.  It was unpleasant, although not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  She then served the souffle she made on the show.  Oh, my God.  Silky, smooth, just fishy enough, salty — as the judges said, she used the tuna jerky almost like one might use bacon.  So good.

She later served kale souffle, ham and cheese souffle, and best of all, a tangerine-vanilla souffle with chocolate sauce. Wonderful.  There were also special house drinks available (three free drinks came with the tickets to the event).

She answered questions about the show — and it was fun just to watch the show with a group of cheering partisans.  At the end, there was a raffle — a bottle of Reisling, a bottle of port, a case of Whoppers malted milkballs,* and, best of all, a pair of tickets to the next event.  Guess which one the Rocket Scientist won.

I so hope she wins this show.

*Apparently, after she won the Chairman’s Challenge in Episode 3 with food featuring malted milk balls, Hershey’s sent her an entire pallet of the things.  I guess the people at Hershey’s were not paying attention during the point in the show when she said she didn’t  like malted milk balls.

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