OWS, the playlist.

I’ve been thinking.  The Occupy Wall Street (and everywhere else, it seems) movement needs a playlist. So, going from only the things on my iTunes:

“Fanfare for the Common Man,” Aaron Copeland
“Fight the Power,” Public Enemy
“We Shall Be Free,” Garth Brooks
“No Surrender,” Bruce Springsteen
“This Land is Our Land,” Peter, Paul and Mary
“We Shall Overcome,” The Sojourners
“Do You Hear the People Sing?,” From Les Miserables
“The Chemical Worker’s Song,” Great Big Sea
“The Times, They Are a Changin’,” Bob Dylan
“Brother, Can You Spare a Dime,” Bing Crosby,
“Children of the Revolution,” Bono (from the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack)
“33, 45, 78” Kathy Mattea
“Land of Confusion,” Genesis

Some of these (“The Chemical Worker’s Song,” “33, 45, 78”) only make sense if you’ve heard the song. Others (“No Surrender,” “Children of the Revolution”) I picked mainly for their titles. I know that there has been some great protest music written in the past ten years, I’m just having trouble bringing it to mind right at the moment.  Yes, I know that says far too much about my musical tastes.

What would you put on here?

Edited to add: “Singing for Our Lives,” by Holly Near, and “Power to the People,” by John Lennon.

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