Assessing my social media

I have …

(in order of adoption)
a Live Journal (actually, I have four LJs, in one of which I never wrote anything and two of which are moribund)
a Blogger blog (this one)
a Twitter account*
a Face Book page
a Dreamwidth account (mainly to have an archive of the first six years of my LJ)
a Linked-In account**

I read LJ to keep up with my friends there.  I occasionally post things of a more personal nature there, because I can friends-lock potentially embarrassing or sensitive material.  (I have posts there about work, for example, that should never see the light of day.***)

Lately, I write here.  I do not know why — I get less feedback and there is less sense that anyone is reading than either with LJ or certainly FaceBook, but I just seem to like the interface or the type of writing I do here (which is similar in many ways to the public posts I did in the first couple of years of my LJ).

Most of my friends are on FaceBook.  FaceBook’s policies make me nervous, and the interface makes me twitchy, and I keep getting friends requests from people I either barely know (or in one case) actively detest.  But if I want to keep up with people, I need to look at their FBs.

Sigh.  It was so much less complicated back in 2002 when I started all this social media stuff.

*Twitter I mainly got in case I was in a collapsing building and needed to notify the world.  You think I’m joking, but I’m not. (I was working in unreinforced masonry building at the time.)  The simple truth is that I am too verbose to be able to say anything much in 140 characters.

**because networking is the way to get things accomplished, right? Too bad I suck so badly at it.

***No, there is absolutely no Title 13 material posted there, or anywhere else by me.  If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry about it.

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1 Response to Assessing my social media

  1. DataGoddess says:

    The way I deal with FB's policies is I don't put anything up there I really care about keeping private. Most of what I post are links to things I find interesting, rather than a blow-by-blow of my day. Even my Twitter has become mainly a way to engage in conversation rather than a place to publish updates.

    I have all of those plus a few more (a blog on my own site, Tumblr, Plaxo, etc.) and I still suck at actual networking.

    And on FB, you can block people so they can't find you and you will never see their comments on mutual friends posts. I can help you with that, if you'd like. I did that for awhile with some people until I decided I just didn't care anymore. It is a fabulous killfile, if you need it for the person you detest.

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