Today at work was not bad.  Well, not for me, at any rate.

Yes, a situation which had cropped up a day or so ago went completely pear-shaped.  That was okay with me because a) the screwup was not my responsibility and  b) it meant that Yay! I had work to do all day.  I hit 4:00 — one hour before time to leave — and went “Whoa! It’s 4 already?”  Okay, so it sucked, but I am really trying to look at the bright side of life. (*cue Eric Idle whistling*)

And I reached a milestone: I discussed politics with TL.

TL is a nice young man.  I like him a lot.  He is, however, far more conservative than I am. (But then again, so are a great many people.)  The first formulation of my “Do not discuss politics at work” ended with the phrase “….with TL.”

Today, however, we got to talking, and I discovered…. there were things we agreed on (such as how for-profit health insurers are bad for people, for instance).  And even on things where we disagreed, we talked politely and civilly.  And he made me reconsider one of my positions on a recent controversial court case.

So, I am feeling rather good about my decision to actually engage.  Life is more interesting this way.

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