Just a normal family viewing television…

We were watching the Dr. Who episode about Vincent Van Gogh.  After grousing about the fictional museum curator anointing Vincent “the greatest artist that ever lived,”*  I seriously geeked out over the cinematography of the scene where the Doctor wakes Vincent up.

“No, really, guys!  This is seriously cool! They’ve shot it to mirror the painting! Don’t you see? That’s not  normal perspective! The angles are all wrong for it to be normal!  Just like Vincent painted it!”

Middle Son replied — for his brother as well as himself — “Mom, that is why we cannot watch anything with you.  Seriously.  It’s only a television show, for crying out loud.”

Well, excuuuuse me. I thought it was cool.

*I’m not arguing that Vincent was not among the greatest artists of all time, but I’ll see your Vincent and raise you a Leonardo and a Vermeer.  Quite honestly, there is no such thing as “the greatest artist of all time.”  Art is not something subject to review by the Guinness people.

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1 Response to Just a normal family viewing television…

  1. DataGoddess says:

    “normal family”? I know what both those words mean, but the concept is escaping me 😉

    It was cool. Dan and I had a lot of fun looking at all the cool visual things they did in that episode. And I loved when they took Vincent to the exhibit.

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