Two more things about me….

For an icebreaker at the “Hurrah! NRFU is done” party, a co-worker distributed questionnaires for us to fill out with interesting tidbits about ourselves. Most of what I filled out is found in my previous two posts on this subject, but a couple were not. So, for completeness sake, as an add on to a previous post….

22. I have a geographical feature named after me. Pat’s Cove is a small and remote glacial inlet on Devon Island, Nunavit, Canada. My husband, who was the first to find a path over there and lead a traverse there, named it after me. He has since told me that names are not immutable, and that over time can be forgotten if not used or referenced, but for now, it’s mine, so to speak. Pity it is in such an inconvenient location, otherwise I’d like to visit sometime.

23. Long-time readers of this blog know this, but I have had work featured on the cover of a nationally distributed magazine. Okay, so it was a back cover ad for Fire Mountain Gems, but still… for a beader, getting your work in the FMG ad on the cover of Beadwork magazine is really hot stuff.

So, maybe I’m not as boring as I think I am.

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