In response to my last post, Barbara requested pictures of Elvis. Attempts to scan the ad were unsuccessful, due to my lack of ability with the equipment I had at hand, but I do have a picture snagged off the web from the Fire Mountain website. (By the way, the same tree is also in the Fire Mountain Comprehensive Jewelry Maker’s catalog on page 249.)

Elvis is made from copper wire and malachite beads and 6/0 transparent green seed beads. The ornaments are made from a variety of beads. The snowmen are Swarovski faux pearls.

Elvis was a finalist in the 2007 Fire Mountain Beading Contest. I think they used him for the ad rather than the Christmas tree which did better in the judging simply because it showcased a wider range of their products. In any case, it’s cool: I think of it as the equivalent of having a short story published.

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3 Responses to Picture!

  1. Whoa, Elvis is fantastic! I love this little tree. Wish we could have this one in my house instead of the 6-foot child magnet 🙂—<>Daveat Rings & Things<>

  2. Pat Greene says:

    I’m glad you like it. I find those 6 foot child magnets are fun too, and don’t have tiny choking hazards attached to them : ) Although all my kids are old enough not to eat the tree, I have to put it out of reach of the cats.

  3. Hi Pat, I think personally I’d display Elvis in our hutch (?is that what my wife calls it), close the door, and call it good. Unless Elvis left the building on me…—<>Daveat Rings and Things<>

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