I’m calmer now…

And I’m ready to talk. No, make that ready to listen. I have nothing to say.

That’s not “I have nothing to say to you”; that’s “I don’t know what to say anymore.” I have followed the directions in the Democracy 101 handbook — as have a large number of my fellow citizens — and it has gotten us bupkiss. I mean, if I felt I were alone…. But polls show consistently that a majority of people in this country oppose the war. What has that gotten us? A “surge”! And a Congress too lily-livered to actually stare down the president, even though only one in three Americans approve of the job the man is doing. So if you were a Bush supporter, and now aren’t, and can think of anything at all to do that might actually change things, short of violence or overthrowing the government, I’m all ears.

In any case, I decided to post tonight not because I had all that much to say but because I really did not want last night’s — er, this very early morning’s — rant to sit all atop my blog for days on end. I’m not going to take it down; I figure I need to live with my mistakes as long as they’re not actionable, but on the other hand I don’t want it to be the first thing I see for n days until I can get the next post of substance finished.

So, just odds and ends…

Substantive posts I am working on, to be finished on Island Time, are about the upcoming Florida Democratic primary election and how that’s screwed six ways to Sunday already and it’s not even 2008. And about Cindy Sheehan folding her tents and heading home and what it means for everyone else who opposes the war. And about, what else? voting rights and what it means in the context of the Supreme Court, and ways in which the FEC has been politicized under the current administration. Oh, and at some point I want to do a post about what the Justices did before they became Justices, and what that means for the country. Hopefully at least one of those will see the light of day.

Oh, and one on Wikipedia and Devon Island, but that one is taking a while. I was going to do one on SixApart/LiveJournal and their tendency to run around like chickens without heads, but that seems a little pointless now.

On a more frivolous note, I have taken up beading.

(That would be sodalite, freshwater pearl, sterling silver balls and wire, and carnelian and lapis lazuli chips.)

You should see the aragonite, aventurine, and mother of pearl sterling silver bracelet I made. I’ll post a picture once I get around to scanning one in.

It’s getting late, and I’m getting tired, so I think I’ll turn in before I get cranky again.

Sleep tight, boys and girls, and don’t let the bedbugs bite. Or anything else for that matter.

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2 Responses to I’m calmer now…

  1. Granny says:

    I’ve been so outraged lately, I’ve become almost speechless.Along with several of my blogging friends, we haven’t given up but we’re becoming disheartened.It’s like the neocons and the fundies (with the help of Congress and the Supremes are seeing how much they can get away with before they’re booted out.And the spineless Dems are holding their coats.

  2. Pat Greene says:

    When Cindy Sheehan decided she couldn’t keep up her protest anymore, I completely understood how she felt.I had hoped that the Democrats would realize that the last election was a mandate for change, but they seem to be too cowardly as a group to do much. There are exceptions — Russ Feingold — but I am really disappointed.So I know exactly what you mean about being disheartened to the point of speechlessness. I weep for my country.

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