Parental evaluation.

Parenting is a bitch. There is no instruction manual, and no exams or performance evaluations to tell you how you’re doing, so you can fix your mistakes.

The worst part? You’re trying to mold young minds into growing up to be thoughtful, compassionate, faithful human beings with a thirst for social justice, when all they seem to be interested in is playing video games and annoying the crap out of their brothers.

Me: “Did you hear about that political commentator who almost accused that new Representative of being a traitor simply because he’s Muslim?”

Rocket Scientist: “Yeah. That was just incredible. I can’t believe what some of these people say.”

Red-headed Menace (who’s ten): “What’s a Muslim?”

Me & RS: Explanation of what Muslims were, and how most Muslims were peaceful but that there were some who were violent and that the 9/11 hijackers and the insurgents in Iraq had been Muslims, and that some people viewed all Muslims as being an enemy.

Red-Headed Menace: “You mean he was accusing this guy of being a traitor based on nothing more than his religion? That’s terrible! That’s like what we did to the Japanese-Americans in World War II!”

Political awareness and critical thinking skills, both at the age of ten. We need to work on nuance — Glenn Beck did not come out and say Keith Ellison was a traitor, merely implied he might be, and that Ellison needed to prove he was not — but still, I must be doing something right.

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