I often write about politics. You may have noticed I’m not doing that right now.

It’s because anything political is a moving target these days. It takes me a couple of days to digest what is going on, and in the era of Trump and Mitch McConnell the landscape can shift dramatically in that period of time. I was going to write a post about whether or not Don, Jr. has committed treason (in the legal sense, not in the colloquial stab your country in the back sense) — spoiler: he hasn’t — and about the people in the shadows behind the scandal.  Unfortunately, every day new information comes out that affects how I feel and how I write about these things.

That, and I really am still recovering from pneumonia. (I seem to have suffered a setback this week, resulting in another doctor’s visit.)  Just reading the news exhausts me.  So I write about other things, not events that cause me to cry.

Hopefully, I will be back yelling about Trump (or his administration, which are doing some horrible things) soon.

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