How to tell if a piece of legislation may be important…

No the only way, of course, but…

When your college-junior son texts you to ask if you are as “genuinely terrified” (his words, not mine) about the defense authorization bill as he is, the bill in question really is significant.

My response: “Yes. I have read the bill.”*

[Edited to add: just as I was publishing this post the Red-Headed Menace asked, completely out of the blue, “Hey, mom? Have you heard about the new defense authorization bill?” And no, I had not been talking about what I was writing.  When legislation filters down to enter the awareness of high-school sophomores, it’s a really big deal.]

*I am working on a post about it, really truly I am.  The post is turning out to be more complicated than I thought, if for no other reason I find myself more interested in what this bill says about the politicians who voted for and against it (and its various amendments) than I am in the content of the bill itself. 

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