Things I have learned at work

1. Good coworkers are more important than interesting work. At least in the short term. Especially coworkers who have good senses of humor.

2. I really can go several weeks without swearing. Other than an occasional “goddammit,” I have been very good about not saying anything that will get me written up.

3. I cannot go several weeks without at least occasionally turning sarcastic.

4. I get cranky in noisy situations. One of the reason I have been very aggressive about snagging computer work when it’s available is that I can sit quietly and work without having to feel that I need to join in the conversations around me. One of the nice side benefits is that I have been pretty proficient in the program we use, which means right now I have work. Which is nice.

5. The federal government can be completely shortsighted about the realities of workers, especially outside the Eastern time zone. Which is reflected in a computer system that shuts down at midnight EDT. My LCO is on the West Coast. So the computer shuts down at 9:00pm. Pooh.

6. I am extremely competitive. I keep finding myself repeating the Olympic motto: Citius Altius Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger).

7. Most importantly, I really like working.

Lastly?  A piece of knowledge that will stay with me a lifetime:  I really know how to spell “questionnaire” correctly.

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