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Here we come a caroling….

Last Saturday I attended a caroling party, and I discovered an unpleasant truth about myself. I am turning into a Puritan, at least where Christmas is concerned. The Puritans, you may recall, prohibited Christmas celebrations as being ungodly. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Writing Exercise #1

[Note: This is the first of several attempts to make myself write whether I feel like it or not. It’s pretty rough going. Feel free to skip.] During the late campaign, Sarah Palin showed herself to be a thoroughly undistinguished … Continue reading

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Decisions, Decisions…

To work on my beaded Christmas/wedding presents…Or do my necessary resume distribution for the day…Or blow off both of those and go see Milk at the Castro Theatre with friends. I need a Magic 8 Ball.

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Reclaiming myself

I am going to engage in that most hackneyed cliche of bloggers: complaining how hard it is to find something to write about. I pride myself on being a good writer. Good communication skills are part of my self-identification. Yet … Continue reading

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In response to my last post, Barbara requested pictures of Elvis. Attempts to scan the ad were unsuccessful, due to my lack of ability with the equipment I had at hand, but I do have a picture snagged off the … Continue reading

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Good News

I realize that, because this blog has been nearly comatose, nobody is reading much anymore, but just in case you are …. One of my beading pieces, officially named “Lilliputian Christmas Tree” but unofficially called “Elvis,” is featured in a … Continue reading

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