The perils of living with students during exam week.

Sitting at the dining room table and perusing Facebook, I saw a shirt which read “You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success. Act like it.” I did the most appropriate thing in the circumstances, I snickered.

The Red-Headed Menace looked up from studying for his biology final and asked what I was laughing at. I told him, and he immediately found fault with the t-shirt makers.

“Well, I guess so. But you know what has really had evolutionary success? Beetles. They are the most varied animals on earth. In terms of biomass algae probably beat them out, but in term of biodiversity they absolutely win. And I that’s true of all the arthropods, pretty much.

“So next time you meet someone you should bite their hand and say ‘I’m the product of 4 billion years of evolutionary success!! I’m a spider, damnit!!'”

My family is strange, and only gets stranger during finals week.

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