Gratitude posts.

As part of my recovering from my awful April — more accurately my awful mid-March to late April — I have decided that there were a lot of posts that I needed to look at from time to time to remind myself of all the blessings in my life.  For all the problems that exist out there in the world, it still is a beautiful place and well worth living in.  I think those of us who concentrate on wanting to fix things or change the status quo forget that at our peril.

This is a bookmark for my own purposes; there is nothing for other people in this. (That  might by said of the original posts as well, but then again, the blog exists for my own purposes.  One of those purposes is feeling that I am reaching other people, but that is not the only one.)

Looking back, I see a lot of repetition in some of these posts.  I am continually grateful for my family.  I should tell them this more often. I should write Stephen Sondheim an actual fan letter, as he is not getting any younger.  I can’t tell the ocean or the color blue how much I love them, though.

Thanksgiving, 2011
My beautiful world.
Calling Clarence the Angel… and Still waiting for Clarence.
Proper Font Usage.
Another list of fifty things.
Ten things I’ve learned.
Food for the heart.
And the Angels in the Architecture Danced…
Eleven for ’11
Pat’s Greatest Hits?
Just a list of unrelated things…
Walking the Path: The Lessons of the Labyrinth
Small Graces.
Two more things about me…. (plus links)
Happy Thanksgiving.
A Stranger Shore.
[Edited to add: An occasional list of things I am grateful for.]

And, I want this list absent the rest of the post which spawned it:

Tell the people in your life how much you love them.

Hug your kids.

Hug your kids more.
Reach out to the friends you’ve lost track of.
Ask that really cool person from church/work/school/Facebook out to coffee.
Listen to the birds.
Watch the sunset every so often.
Go home early from the office now and again.
Explore off the beaten trail.
Overtip the waitress.
Find your passion.
Forgive other people.
Forgive yourself.

And always follow the sign to the chinchilla races.

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